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We add value to your portfolio

Building Bridges for Portfolio Value

Investors want to build successful portfolios, and being successful means creating value growth and realizing exit returns. Therefore, investors need to seek any potential for their portfolio company to grow revenue domestically and to enter new markets.

In this regard, internationalization of portfolio companies is…


International scale-up is restricted for many investors because of
 its complexity, cost, and long-term benefits that often don't fit the planned investment horizon.

…a great chance

Scaling up portfolio companies internationally not only creates additional revenue. There is also an exit premium on companies that 
show successful international market coverage.

We scale the potential of portfolio companies

for VC and PE investors in the center of Europe.

Our Strengths to Build Your Business On

Originating from five decades of innovation and venture building
Experience in Scaling Ventures

We have accompanied hundreds of ventures as team members, investors and advisors, as well as building leading international venture networks.

Network of Excellent Managers

We are a leader in the innovation and venture ecosystem for decades and know excellent managers first-hand.

Best-In-Class Expert Ecosystem

We rely on best-in-class partners in all relevant areas, such as legal, tax, or technical infrastructure; an ecosystem developed over the last 50 years.

Deep Roots in the Economy

Through our international merchant advisory activities, we have direct access to entrepreneurs, shareholders, and decision makers with whom we interact with on a personal and strategic level.

We are your Venture Partner


We work with all portfolio companies, which have market potential and to which we can add value.


We generate portfolio value and want be shareholders in the business we build. Earning fees is not our focus.

Exit Focused

We focus on exiting companies together with investors and earn our fair share in the return.

Our base and your next market

The Center of Europe

The Center of Europe combines the D-A-CH and BeNeLux regions, encompasses  six countries with similar regulatory systems, is an ideal gateway to Continental Europe and offers interesting structuring opportunities.


strong economies
milion inhabitants
trillion euros GDP

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Jakob Schulz

Trustee | Venture Partner