We live true Merchant Advisory

The archetype of the banker, the merchant, no longer has a place in today's banking world. Today, we as the Matuschka Group live what people like Amschel Meyer Rothschild have shaped: True financial entrepreneurship with a vision for the future.


We think ahead and create practicable and scalable solutions together with our customers.


Our very strength is the collaboration with entrepreneurial international partnerships.

In our actions, we are always committed to the urgent issues of our time:

EMEA Initiative

The EMEA Initiative was founded in 2010 by Matuschka as a platform to exploit Europe’s growth potential linking up with the Middle East & Africa.

Empowerment of People

With the Human Facility Management platform, we have developed a compass that creates a human-centered economic design. In modern technology this is called C2C and C2B.

Environmental Supply Chain

Building on more than 30 years of environmental leadership, we are developing our Environmental Supply Chain platform based on ESG to more efficiently allocate financial resources to future solutions.

Housing as a Social Task

In view of asset inflation, the growing precariat, we are developing affordable housing solutions based on the bottom of the pyramid approach.